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Robsans Enterprises LLC

Robsans Enterprises is an idea, a dream, by one man that still believes in the Internet. The goal is to bring quality products and services to all our customers at a fair price. It will always be a priority to find “Made in USA” and/or “Green” products. Products can range from pet products, furniture, and jewelry as well as services you can use. Service can be anything from word document to presentation development, spread sheets development to database development, and computer training to Internet research.

Greetings, My name is Robert Street but my friends and family call me Bob. I am a veteran from the Air Force. I Joined when I was 18 years old in 1974. Started out as an aircraft mechanic working on F5’s. I loved that job, it was allot of fun. Unfortunately, I blew out my Knee and had to retrain. I did find something that was just as much fun though. I ended up becoming a computer operations specialist working in the main-frame world for the Air Force. In 1984 I had pretty much had enough of the military and took my skills to the civilian world. I did stay in the computer world for another 16 years. In that time I was trained in networking, PC and application support, database development and administration. In 2000 I decided the cooperate world was not going to get me what I wanted so I retired for a few years. During which I took some time for myself before going back to school and finishing my degree. In 2005 I received my bachelors in business administration and took another few years for myself. In 2010, my wife needed help with her business so I stepped up and started working in the salon business. In 2013 I decided that I wanted to have my business and I wanted it to be on the Internet so I can do it from anywhere, so I started Robsans Enterprises LLc.

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