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My name is Robert Street, friends and family call be Bob. I play in Arizona, live in Chandler, and work in Sun Lakes. It has always been one of my goals to start and run an Internet business offering products and services you can use. It is also my goal to offer american made products and services, at the very least, high quality products at a reasonable price.

I have been around the Internet since it’s inception and have worked with computer longer then that. I like to help people with computer issues and love doing research. Check out Robsans Services for more information. If want to know more about me and my company go to About Robsans.

This website is currently under construction. We will be adding a great many products and services as time goes by. If you would like for us to find something for you, please let us know by sending us an email using our Contact Us page. At any rate, check back in with Robsans Enterprises every once in a while to see whats new.

Check out Robsans Amazon Pet Supplies. We have a great many products available right now. You can also check out Robsans Services for all kinds of computer services you can use. We are also working on bring you other products that may be relevant to your needs.

For the record, Robsans is not an Asian company. We are true blue Americans and proud of it. Robsans is just a combination of my name and that of my wife, Robert and Sandra = Robsans.

Why computer services?

I have been involved with computers just about my entire working life. I left home when I was 18 years old and joined the Air Force. My first four years was spent working on jet fighters (F5’s) at Williams Air Force base Arizona gqbwemi. I really did like doing that job; it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I blew out my knee and had to be retrained. A recruiter talked me into becoming a computer operations specialist, which sounded like fun to me. So that’s what I did, I became a computer operator working on Burros’ and Honeywell main frames. I was trained to be able to walk into any computer operation and run it. It didn’t take long before personal computers started being made and the Internet came to life. Networking was the future and main frames were being phased out collaboration tools for business. Instead of one main computer that everyone used, they now had a computer on every desk. As these changes came to pass, I also changed with them. I taught myself about the hardware and software as well as how to integrate everything for business applications. I always found a great satisfaction in teaching people how to use the new technologies.

Today I work in Sun Lakes Arizona which is a retirement community just south of phoenix Arizona. Many of my customers have computers and have no idea how to make them work. That’s where I come in; I try to make them feel comfortable with their new computer by informing them of what computers can do for them. It does not matter what they need to do, I can show them a solution to do just about anything. I explain every step until they have better understanding of how to use their computer and the tools that are on it.

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